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Bass Concert Hall


Austin, Texas


  • Operational review ƒ

  • Demand and financial projections ƒ

  • Booking strategy ƒ

  • Market analysis for a new venue


Johnson Consulting was retained for several assignments in Austin, Texas; one of which involved the Long Performing Arts Center. For that assignment, it was essential for Johnson consulting to work with the University of Texas in assessing the role that Bass Performing Arts Center, which is on campus, played in the market. Johnson Consulting took a comprehensive review of utilization and booking policies at the Bass Performing Arts Center. At that point in time, the symphony played and rehearsed at Bass Performing Arts Center and its demand load was so great that it significantly compromised school utilization. Johnson Consulting assisted the University in establishing revised demand projections once the symphony was removed from the event calendar and relocated to the Long Performing Arts Center.

For the Long Performing Arts Center, Johnson Consulting conducted a market and feasibility study to determine the viability of a new venue, and if viable, how many seats the venue should have, the type of performances it should host and the corresponding revenue and expense profile of the proposed venue. Our work has led to the successful development of this project and also took a holistic approach to identifying the demand opportunities for a number of performing arts venues in the market place.

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