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Canadian National Exhibition & Exhibition Place


Toronto, Ontario


  • Project campus includes proposed World Trade Center, Coliseum, and Expo Center ƒ

  • Considered impact of the project on the Combie Commission waterfront plan ƒ

  • Concurrently conducted review of Tourism Toronto - extensive focus groups, consensus-building workshops and team-building techniques were used


Johnson Consulting was retained by a local entrepreneur and the Province of Ontario to prepare a redevelopment plan for exposition facilities at the Canadian National Exhibition (CNE). This national facility, which was once a major tradeshow venue and fairgrounds with heritage buildings, had declined. Much of the 1.2 million square feet of exhibit space facilities had become obsolete, and Exhibition Stadium, former home of the Toronto Blue Jays, had been vacated.

Reporting to the Fair Board of Governors and working with the Metro Toronto Department of Economic Development, we evaluated the need to replace exhibit facilities, and working with Trammel Crow International, determined the market opportunities to develop a permanent show room and hotel. The analysis required comprehensive market and financial analysis, trend analysis of past activities, and an assessment of new market opportunities. We subsequently worked for Metro to address City and Province tactics to market the community and facilities, and worked with project proponents to develop financing plans and assess design alternatives. This was an intensive 12-month effort that addressed Toronto’s overall tourism strategy as well as issues related to the arts, tourism infrastructure, sports teams and demand, funding priorities, and Tourism Toronto’s funding sources and uses.

We also developed goals for the organization in terms of room night growth, convention marketing tactics, and tourism growth goals. We assisted in guiding focus to high value-high potential visitors, and with branding the City with nature, arts, business and culture.

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