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Colorado Convention Center


Denver, Colorado


  • Peer Review of Prior Study

  • Facility Assessment

  • Benchmark Analysis

  • Impact Analysis for Expansion Options

  • Program Recommendations

  • Return on Investment Analysis Justifying Future Investment in the Convention Center


Johnson Consulting, in association with MIG, was selected to conduct a master plan for the expansion of the Colorado Convention Center working with management of the City and the CVB. Johnson Consulting took the lead in preparing a review of the current facilities and user feedback, a summary of programmatic needs, a competitive benchmark analysis, and an economic impact assessment of the expansion scenarios under consideration.The most important distinction gained was from three user forums held, facilitated in the past by Johnson Consulting. There it was learned that new and larger ballroom space was essential if major clients were to be retained.For the benchmark analysis of the current and future set of competitors, Johnson Consulting analyzed past and proposed expansions, operating revenues and expenses, expansion cost, improvements to the area around the convention center, user reception of the improved product, and economic impact of expansion. In tandem with the competitive analysis, a qualitative analysis was performed in order to best understand the potential cost and benefits in increasing the size of the rentable expansion space in different expansion scenarios. This impact analysis was a key driver in finalizing the Master Plan recommendations.

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