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One Big Sky District

Updated: Feb 15, 2021


Billings, Montana


  • Project Administration and Management Services

  • Market Overview

  • Demand and Supply Analysis

  • Economic and Fiscal Impact Model and Analysis

  • Ongoing Support


Johnson Consulting was retained by Landmark Development to provide an economic and fiscal impact analysis of the proposed ONE Big Sky District (OBSD) in Billings, MT. Our analysis focuses on the macro-level impacts of OBSD, including those that will occur outside of Billings and throughout the State, and helps to justify the project to the City of Billings, Yellowstone County, and the State of Montana.

In order to prepare estimates of the macro economic and fiscal impacts of the proposed OBSD project, Johnson Consulting reviewed materials prepared by the Client, and other consultants and advisors to the Client, including phasing diagrams and financial projections for the overall development; analyzed the reasonableness of operating projections for the proposed project by its components; performed an economic and fiscal impact analysis of the proposed project by its project components and Impact Zones, focusing on impacts that may extend beyond Billings and using an IMPLAN input-output model; and calculated the tax revenues by jurisdiction over a 30-year time period.

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