New York FC Stadium


New York, New York


  • Market overview ƒ

  • Site assessment ƒ

  • Demand sensitivity analysis ƒ

  • Benchmark analysis ƒ

  • Financial projections


Johnson Consulting was retained to provide an independent assessment of a proposed 25,000-seat stadium. The main purpose of this facility will be to serve as the home field MLS’ New York FC. Our research included a site assessment, a benchmark analysis comparing NYFC to other MLS franchises, and financial & demand projections for the proposed stadium. Our assessment focused on addressing the following key framework questions:

  • ƒHow does NYFC compare to other MLS franchises in ticket sales, average attendance, and size of current home facility. ƒ

  • What type of demand schedule could the proposed 25,000 seat stadium anticipate (both MLS and non-MLS events)? ƒ

  • What are the potential revenue streams per each event and how much can be expected to be earned on an annual basis?

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