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Enterprise Center

Updated: Feb 15, 2021


St. Louis, Missouri


  • Analyzed historical event demand & economic impacts at Enterprise Center ƒ

  • Projected demand, total attendance and room nights as a result of renovations at Enterprise Center ƒ

  • Projected economic & fiscal impacts resulting from renovations at Enterprise Center ƒ

  • Identified & quantified economic & fiscal impacts of lost events if no renovations are made to Enterprise Center


The St. Louis Blues were in the planning stages of a renovation to the 21 year old Enterprise Center. The Blues organization has already performed a benchmarking analysis of modern peer facilities as well as the impacts the proposed renovations would have on arena operations and demand. Johnson Consulting was hired as an independent expert to provide an economic impact analysis of these proposed renovations at Enterprise Center, to help justify job and tax creation caused by the renovations, especially reflecting on the incremental events the upgraded arena will be able to attract. The project objective was to estimate the economic and fiscal contributions to the existing economies of the City of St. Louis, St. Louis County as well as the State of Missouri. The economic impact analysis focused on the current, future and incremental impacts for the following:

  • ƒDirect, indirect, and induced spending impacts,

  • Direct, indirect, and induced employment impacts,

  • Direct, indirect, and induced personal income impacts, ƒ

  • Fiscal impacts including, but not limited to, admissions tax, personal income tax, accommodations fees, sales tax, hospitality tax, and others, ƒ

  • Intangible benefits and non-economic benefits including impacts on overall quality of life in the community.

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