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Cedar Fair


Sandusky, Ohio


  • Drafting of RFQ/RFP documents ƒ

  • Evaluation of RFQ/RFP responses ƒ

  • Negotiation of Management Agreement


Johnson Consulting was retained by Cedar Fair Entertainment Company to conduct a solicitation process for private management services for Cedar Fair’s potential Multi-Use Indoor Sports Complex in Sandusky, Ohio. Our development of the Cedar Fair Management Services RFQ/P will outline a thorough review of the specific requirements for the proposed indoor sports complex as well as an operational analysis outlining the merits of utilizing the management structure planned for the proposed complex. In order to assist in understanding the required management services for the indoor sports complex, our creation of the solicitation documents will focus on addressing the following key framework questions:

  • ƒWhat is the preferred general management direction for the multi-use sport complex? ƒ

  • What is the best management structure, by facility use, as determined by Cedar Fair? ƒ

  • Who are the best candidates for the complex? ƒ

  • What roles will Cedar Fair play, and what are responsibilities of the management company?

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