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Downtown Biloxi


Biloxi, Mississippi


  • Market study ƒ

  • Real Estate demand projections ƒ

  • Financial projections ƒ

  • Land-Use analysis ƒ

  • Economic and fiscal impact analysis


The Urban Renewal Agency for Biloxi engaged Johnson Consulting to perform a market and feasibility research-based study for the redevelopment of downtown Biloxi.

Our report provided an analysis of the economic and development characteristics of Biloxi and the broader region that included relevant demographic data and economic trends in Biloxi. This analysis helped us to understand the potential impact of these variables on the improvement plan for the downtown. Our team also worked with Dale Partners Architects to identify and to analyze competitive downtown areas. As part of our report we reviewed competitive Central Business Districts that exemplified innovative and aggressive economic development and development practices to serve as a roadmap to strengthen Biloxi’s downtown. Our team also identified specific concepts and ideas that help to make downtown Biloxi livelier and more attractive not only to visitors but also to local residents.

For this project Johnson Consulting analyzed real estate demand for three types of uses - retail, residential and hotel - and estimated tax revenues related to these real estate additions. The analysis also summarized key observations from the multiple focus group sessions conducted with different stakeholders in the local area and quantified the economic and fiscal impact of this strategic project at the State, County, and local levels. Moreover, the report provided strategic recommendations to assist in the successful implementation of the redevelopment of downtown Biloxi.

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