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Florida Atlantic University


Boca Raton, Florida


  • Market and Financial Analysis

  • Evaluated Specialty Revenue Potential, Including Club Seats, Luxury Suites, Naming Rights, and Capital Contributions from the Corporate Community

  • Researched Opportunities for Additional Uses at the Stadium

  • Investigated Housing as a Funding Resource for the Venue

  • Projected Revenues, Expenses, Debt Service and Funds Available for other Purposes


Johnson Consulting provided a market and financial analysis for the development of a new on-campus football stadium for Florida Atlantic University (FAU). The report, which included estimates of market potential, demand and projected financial performance, was ultimately used as a basis of information by members of the finance team and design group. In conjunction with our stadium report, Johnson Consulting also provided the University with a housing analysis, which was also to be a part of “Innovation Village.” The housing piece ended up playing an integral role in the financing of the football stadium at FAU. Johnson Consulting undertook the following tasks:

  • Communicated the transaction structure, in order to isolate demand, revenue and expense factors

  • Evaluated FAU Athletics and demand/market support patterns within the competitive area for the student housing at innovation village

  • Identified and evaluated the competitive environment for the proposed stadium, should FAU decide to allow for other events within the facility besides university football games

  • Independently estimated achievable demand potential for the football stadium’s elements on behalf of the FAU

  • Presented a ten year projection of revenue, expenses, debt service and funds available for other purposes and coverage ratios

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