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University of Louisville Cardinal Stadium


Louisville, Kentucky


  • Stadium Expansion

  • Projection of Regional Economic Trends

  • Competitive and/or Comparable Stadium Project Analysis


  • Premium Seating Expansion Study

  • Comparable Atlantic Coast Conference Stadium Analysis

  • Ten Year Proforma Projecting Additional Revenues from Expanded Seating Options


Johnson Consulting has been engaged twice by the University of Louisville to perform a market and financial feasibility study for two different expansions of Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium.

First in 2007, we analyzed the viability of a stadium expansion to the east side of the stadium, which was successfully developed and completed in 2010. In 2016, Johnson Consulting was once again engaged by the University to understand the market, demand and incremental financial projections of a proposed enclosure of their North Endzone. Given the recent transition to the ACC, the University was keen on making sure Papa John’s Stadium was current with the rest of its peers in the ACC. An important aspect of our analysis was understanding the appropriate mix and number of premium seating options for the endzone expansion and understanding how that recommended program may impact or enhance existing areas within the stadium. A ten year projection of revenue, expenses, and funds available for debt service was developed as well.

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