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Proposed Arena


Olathe, Kansas


  • Arena feasibility within a mixed-use district

  • Demand projections

  • Financial projections

  • Economic impact analysis

  • Developer negotiations on behalf of the city


In order to qualify for State and municipal bond programs, RTR, LLC, the project developer was required by the Kansas Secretary of State to procure an independent feasibility study for a proposed arena in Olathe, Kansas. After considerations of several firms, RTR, with support from the City of Olathe, selected Johnson Consulting to provide a third party analysis and operating projections in order to confirm the value and contribution of the arena in the larger Olathe Arena and Retail District (District).

As part the engagement, Johnson Consulting conducted a full market analysis, reviewed the capacity of the Kansas City regional market to absorb additional entertainment events/products and luxury suites/premium seats. We also conducted an analysis to evaluate the impact a new arena in downtown Kansas City would have on the ability of an arena in suburban Olathe to secure tenants and events. We analyzed industry trends and their impact on a new facility in Olathe, profiled comparable facilities, provided demand analysis and financial projections for the arena, and determined the economic impacts. We also performed a review of the management team selected to run and managed the facility.

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