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Rochester Arena


Rochester, Minnesota


  • New Arena

  • Review proposed Arena program

  • Comparable arena analysis within USHL

  • Interviewed national and regional event promoters


Johnson Consulting was hired by the Hammes Company to perform an operational and demand benchmarking analysis for United States Hockey League (USHL) arenas and markets. This data was used to support their initial feasibility analysis of a proposed new arena in Rochester, MN. Johnson Consulting tested analyses prepared to date, benchmarked the proposed arena relative to other USHL projects, and provided independent analysis and opinions on the achievability of results. Other work included:

  • A review of the key demographic indicators for each market and how the City of Rochester and the greater community compared.

  • Analysis and comparison of the reasonableness of the proposed program and demand as it relates to size, premium seating options, amenities and overall estimated utilization at the proposed arena.

  • Interviewed regional and national entertainment promoters to gain an understanding of the industry’s view of a potential new arena in Rochester and its ability to attract concerts and other family/ entertainment events.

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