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University of Nebraska-Omaha Baxter Arena


Omaha, Nebraska


  • Market and financial analysis for the development of a new hockey arena and facilities for other sports programs, as move to Division 1 is contemplated

  • Performing economic and fiscal impact analysis

  • Advising on development strategies and potential funding strategies


The University of Nebraska-Omaha retained Johnson Consulting to perform a market and financial analysis for a proposed ice arena for the University. The proposed venue would serve as the new home for University of Nebraska-Omaha hockey and basketball teams. The development will feature a 7,000-seat arena, plus a supplemental second ice sheet that can be used by the athletic program as well as other community and student programs. In addition to providing market and financial analysis for the proposed arena, Johnson Consulting also advised on potential financing strategies and projected the economic impacts.

We also advised on UNO’s ability to increase its athletic budget from $8,000,000 to $12,000,000 as it planned to move to Division 1 and open new sports facilities.

The final aspect of the study related to funding which we analyzed the adjacent AKSARBEN real estate development. We quantified the sales impact that the arena wouls have on retail and resturant businesses to see if the arena could capture the increment to be used for its funding. In March of 2013, the arena received approval from the Board of Regents. The $82 million arena officially opened in October of 2015.

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