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CWU Athletics Masterplan


Ellensburg, Washington


  • Analyze the current state of athletic facilities on campus

  • Perform a market assessment

  • Provided a detailed strategic master plan for new/renovated on-campus athletic facilities

  • Project future demand and incremental revenues at the new /renovated facilities


Central Washington University (CWU) engaged Johnson Consulting to prepare an Athletics Master Plan and Economic Study. The Master Plan provided the University with background on our initial impressions of the marketplace, considerations of the current state of athletics on campus, preliminary recommendations with respect to on-campus athletic facilities at CWU, and projected incremental revenues at new/renovated on-campus facilities. The masterplan document provided the University with a clear and detailed prioritization of our recommendations in four phases over the course of the near future. The masterplan included a program of services designed to accomplish the following major objectives:

  • MARKET ASSESSMENT AND INITIAL PLANNING: To provide a market analysis for the potential for new or expanded athletic facilities on campus.

  • STRATEGIC MASTER PLAN RECOMMENDATIONS: To recommend a Strategic Master Plan to help inform and guide the University on the development of new on-campus facilities for athletics.

  • DEMAND AND FINANCIAL PROJECTIONS: Review the financials associated with demand projections in order to project the potential incremental revenues that could be generated at any new athletic facility.

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