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Lewis University Sports Complex


Romeoville, Illinois


  • Sports complex for use by the University, public and NFL training camp for the Chicago Bears

  • Facility programming and offerings

  • Demand and financial projections

  • Economic and fiscal impacts


The objective of this analysis was to determine the market potential for the Lewis University Sports Complex and serve as the basis for the demand projections and economic impact analysis to support funding of this project by public and private entities. This report focused on specific components for use by the University, tournaments, public use, and an NFL training camp for the Chicago Bears. It provided the opinions of our analysis based upon our knowledge of associated demand in the area. This report assumed that Lewis University will be the primary tenant and sponsor of the project.

This study had two main objectives: (1) to determine the potential market demand for the project, and (2) to quantify the positive economic activity that will result from the project. The plan included the following:

  • (1) Outdoor stadium with a 3,000 seat capacity

  • (4) Practice fields (2 lit)

  • (1) 50,000+ square foot athletic training and support facility

  • 6,590 parking spaces

  • A variety of other support elements

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