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Alpharetta Performing Arts Center


Alpharetta, Georgia


  • Performing arts center feasibility ƒ

  • Economic and demographic analysis ƒ

  • Regional facility inventory analysis


The City of Alpharetta, a suburb of Atlanta, requested that Johnson Consulting analyze the feasibility of developing a new Performing Arts Center (PAC), as part of its efforts to provide greater arts and cultural amenities to its residents and corporate base. Known as Technology City of the South, Alpharetta has over 600 technology companies and is aware of the importance of providing cultural and quality of life amenities as a key requirement for attracting corporations and top talent to Alpharetta. In addition, the City desires to grow the relatively young arts community through the development of a new venue where arts, theater, music and dance organizations can develop a stronger identity. The proposed location of the venue is adjacent to the new City Hall and Library along Main Street, which has been gaining traction as a destination in the community. In order to evaluate the market opportunity, program requirements, and demand and financial projections Johnson Consulting interviewed a wide range of people in the arts and entertainment community to understand the perceived venue needs; conducted an economic and demographic analysis; a regional facility inventory analysis; and a fair share analysis. The findings from this analysis indicated that a venue of 750 to 1,000 seats is appropriate for Alpharetta. One of the major advantages for a venue in Alpharetta is the potential to operate the PAC in conjunction with the 14,000 seat Verizon Wireless amphitheater, which is a well-established operation with relationships with talent buyers that can help secure top tier acts for the venue. There are also operating efficiencies by sharing staff and resources between the two venues.

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