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21C Museum Hotel


Louisville, Kentucky


  • Boutique 4-star hotel ƒ

  • Contemporary art museum ƒ

  • Destination restaurant ƒ

  • Projections of demand, financials, and net new spending for Kentucky ƒ

  • Economic impact analysis assessing net new taxes, jobs and spending


The Tourism Development Cabinet of the Commonwealth of Kentucky engaged Johnson Consulting to perform analyses of developments that apply for the Kentucky Tourism Development Act (KTDA) Refund Program. The KTDA established a state sales and hotel tax incentive program for new or expanding tourism attraction projects whereby eligible projects receive rebates based on the amount of increased sales tax receipts generated by a project’s positive impacts on state tourism.

West Main Street Museum & Hotel LLC (Developer) of Louisville developed the 90-room upscale boutique hotel, contemporary art museum, and high-end destination restaurant in downtown Louisville within existing historic buildings on West Main Street. The site is within Louisville’s rapidly emerging arts district and near the new Muhammad Ali Museum.

The venue was designed to offer the highest quality hotel experience in the City of Louisville, enhanced by the art on exhibition in the public space and in the rooms. The main public space in the project is a 5,000-square foot gallery that houses the growing collection of art assembled by Laura Lee Brown and Steve Wilson, the primary partners in West Main Street Museum & Hotel LLC. This hotel was voted #1 hotel in the US by Conde Nast.

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