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Galt House


Louisville, Kentucky


  • Determined eligibility of developments that apply for rebates under the KTDA ƒ

  • 1,300 room hotel provides much needed full service amenities and meeting space to complement the Kentucky International Convention Center ƒ

  • Projection of jobs, taxes and spending new to the State and to the City of Louisville


The Tourism Development Cabinet of the Commonwealth of Kentucky engaged Johnson Consulting to perform analyses of developments that apply for the Kentucky Tourism Development Act (KTDA) Refund Program. The KTDA established a state sales tax incentive program for new or expanding tourism attraction projects whereby eligible projects receive rebates based on the amount of increased sales tax receipts generated by a project’s positive impacts on state tourism.

Johnson Consulting analyzed the eligibility of the proposed Galt House renovations to qualify for the KTDA. In order to be eligible under the KTDA, a project must meet a number of requirements, such as attracting at least 25 percent of its visitors from out of state and having a positive economic impact on Kentucky, considering, among others, the extent to which it will compete with existing attractions and employment.

The Al J. Schneider Company of Louisville has now fully renovated the 1,300-room Galt House Hotel, located on the Ohio River in downtown Louisville. The renovation encompassed the entire facility, including rooms, public space, and function space, and includes the addition of a $1.7 million pedway to the Kentucky International Convention Center (KICC). The renovation was completed in 2006 and has operated very successfully ever since.

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