Mid-South Fairgrounds


Memphis, Tennessee


  • Market and financial analysis of all land uses for the mixed-use development ƒ

  • Performing economic and fiscal impact analysis ƒ

  • Advising on development planning and potential funding strategies


The Mid-South Fairgrounds is the surrounding site of Liberty Bowl Stadium, home of the University of Memphis football program. At the time of our study, users of the Fairgrounds included: The Children’s Museum of Memphis, Fairview Middle School, and the Mid-South Coliseum.

Johnson Consulting was retained by O.T. Marshall Architects to evaluate the feasibility of developing a sports-related, mixed-use development at the existing 170-acre property. It was proposed that 65 acres be dedicated to sports-related venues and attractions and approximately 400,000 square feet will be developed as themed retail space.

Johnson Consulting conducted a market study, and an economic and fiscal impact analysis, as well as a strategic plan for the redeveloped site.

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