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Orange County Fair & Event Center

Updated: Oct 28, 2022


Orange County, California


  • Management of multi-disciplinary team ƒ

  • Existing facilities and capacity review ƒ

  • Stakeholder and community outreach ƒ

  • Vetting of business opportunities ƒ

  • Demand and operating projections ƒ

  • Strategic plan development ƒ

  • Finance plan ƒ

  • Master site plan development


Johnson Consulting in partnership with SWA Group and HPI Architecture were retained by the 32nd District Agricultural Association to provide consulting services in relation to preparing a Master Site Plan for the Orange County Fair and Event Center (OCFEC). The OCFEC occupies 150 acres in Coast Mesa, CA and hosts 150 events and over 4.3 million visitors annually. The OCFEC is home to the 2nd largest annual fair in the state of California and the 8th largest fair in the U.S., operating for 23 days, attracting 1.3 million attendees and utilizes the entire property.

Our study focused upon justifying a strategy for the OCFEC that continues to develop an environment that spurs creativity and innovation by capitalizing on the entertainment, educational, and recreational site, as well as human resources. The Master Site Plan was intended to create opportunities for the OCFEC to enhance its role as a community gathering place by offering a supportive mix of uses and spaces that meet the public’s needs.

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