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University of Louisville Cardinal Stadium


Louisville, Kentucky


  • Stadium expansion

  • Projection of regional economic trends

  • Competitive and/or comparable stadium project analysis


Johnson Consulting was hired by the University of Louisville to analyze the feasibility of expanding Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium. The expansion of Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium at the University of Louisville has been developed through a committee at the Athletic Department. This expansion was to further promote the University’s position in the Big East Conference, to enhance revenues and to better enable recruiting for the University’s athletic programs. Intended to be developed primarily as project to be financed through fund raising, the potential expansion phases are described in components to allow them to be developed as funding and demand suggests. In order to accomplish these objectives, the program of analysis conducted by Johnson Consulting has undertaken the following research tasks:

  • Interviewed stakeholders to understand the deal structure, project interrelationships, and distribution of cash flows,

  • Analyzed the proposed site and surrounding on- and off-campus development patterns and transportation access relative to factors which influence market support and demand penetration,

  • Examined and projected regional economic trends relevant to population growth and changes in entertainment options for consumers who may use the stadium facilities,

  • Interviewed current management, athletics officials, and other university representatives in order to gather information about expectations for the future of the University’s athletics programming, and

  • Identified and examined relevant competitive and/or comparable stadium projects, both within and outside of the Big East Conference.

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