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Illinois State Fairgrounds

Updated: Oct 28, 2022


Springfield, Illinois


  • Existing Conditions Reviewƒ

  • Market Analysisƒ

  • Stakeholder and Community Engagement

  • Regional and Comparable Facilities Analysis

  • Strategic Recommendations

  • Site Analysis

  • Site Concept Options

  • Demand Projections

  • Economic & Fiscal Impact Analysis


Johnson Consulting, in association with Charles D. Smith Architecture & Planning and MIG, are preparing a Master Plan for the Illinois State Fairgrounds.

With the vision to position the Fairgrounds to be a more significant, year-round driver of economic, cultural and entertainment activities, the Consulting Team’s scope includes an evaluation of the state of the Illinois State Fairgrounds today; an analysis of the economic, demographic, and market characteristics of Springfield and Sangamon County, as well as the broader region; identification of the characteristics of regional and comparable facilities; stakeholder and community engagement; strategic recommendations and conceptual options for site uses; site analysis; cost estimates associated with various options; and projections of demand and financial performance, and economic and fiscal impacts, of the Fairgrounds property based on the identified master plan recommendations.

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